Lord Kashiwar


करचरणकृतं वाक् कायजं कर्मजं वा श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसंवापराधं ।

विहितं विहितं वा सर्व मेतत् क्षमस्व जय जय करुणाब्धे श्री महादेव शम्भो ॥

Kashiwar Bhairav of the family is a Swayambhu lingam i.e.self-existing manifestation of Lord Shiva; not carved or crafted by human hands. Banalingam is also a naturally existing Shivalinga that is found with several natural scars in the bed of Narnmad River. Lord Shiva also manifests as Prithivi lingam with an earthen appearance.

Kashiswar Dutta Chauhuri established his newly-found Shivalinga as new ‘Kula-dev’ or ancestral deity of the family in 1609 CE; just adjacent to the Durga dalan that he had built, in the same year. With that he named it as “Kashiswar (काशीस्वर)”, after his own name.

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Parna Chowdhury touching the lingam with reverence.


It is said that one day Lord Kashiswar had appeared in Kashiswar Dutta Chaudhury’s dream, and blessed him with a boon that his entire clan will not be harmed by any serpents any day. The Kashiswar Bhairava shrine has undergone several renovations.

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